Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Le cage...

 I love birds
and am in the mood for a canary again...
the birdsong is enchanting.

 Vintage cages add to the charm, but...

nobody does it quite like Pearl...


  1. I swear my heart raced when I saw what "Pearl"
    had done with her dress form! I went and looked at mine and told them to get busy doing something, they were just standing there being lazy!!!

    1. Yeah, I know what ya mean, I was taking a long hard look at my dress form too, but I also had this great idea of using 5 old windows with their panes broken out,stapling screen or hardware wire to them and the bottom, screwing them together and hinging the top one to the frame, so you could get in and out to feed and water...wouldn't that just be the cutest huh...

  2. I too have always wanted a little bird. Now I really want one. Question is, where can I find a great bird house like the ones you've shown.

  3. Had a male canary once.......loved every minute of his song. Unfortunately I didn't have nearly as lovely a cage for him as you are showing us today.


  4. They are beautiful. We used to have one when I was little and I always wished I could build a house like one. Thank you for sharing
    xxx gabi xxx

  5. love the bird cages. I wish I lived in one.