Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am purple...

My minds eye is awash in purple haze,
lavender buds bedeck my soul's path...
was there ever a scent that would
calm my journey and soothe
my dreams of Babylon...
oh, lavender fields forever.


  1. The smell must be crazy incredible!!

  2. Bill and I were there, in the south of France. A town called Vallarta , it looked just like those pictures. It smelled heavenly for miles.

  3. So purple is the new black? ;)

    The smell is indeed incredible near those fields... ah memories...

    Hope all is well for you! Big Hugs! :)

    I don't know why but each time I type those word verifications I have the feeling I'm typing bad words in some unknown foreign language... lol

  4. Stunning images... thankyou for sharing... I hope you don't mind if I do too...